Z20MB is a very flexible XILINX based platform for a wide range of applications. The Ultimate XILINX ZYNQ 7020 with different high speed connections allows Z20MB to be the right platform for the next generation of LTE terminal.
The possibility to a daughterboard with an innovative MP-MB bus over a wide range of frequencies (from 500 Mhz to 4GHz) makes it easier to implement standards for Telecom, Wireless or Satellite applications.

A wide variety of daughterboards are also available for different applications. V6HP daughterboards are fully compatible with Z20MB (for more deitals see Hardware Box on the right).

A ARM Cortex-A9 Xilinx based microprocessor implementing Linux OS allow for easy management of the components connected to the MP-MB bus.

A very high stable reference frequency using an OCXO and an integrated GPS receiver allows the V6HP to be time referenced for every kind of processing requiring accurately timestamped signals.

The Z20MB is also equipped by two GigaEthernet connections and two RTX FSP 1.0 for every kind of remote link. An ASI link is also available for a easy connections between multiple boards or external data-link.

An extremely compact unit (19’’/1U mechanical chassis) the Z20MB can also be equipped with a dual Power Supply that, with the multi-reference input, makes the equipment ultra-reliable. Furthermore, the unit can be easily managed remotely with SNMP or a user-friendly GUI-on-the-web interface.

  • Internal high stability OCXO aging rate of ± 1*10 -10 /day
  • 12 channel GPS receiver with automatic tracking and timing error management system
  • New generation DPLL fast lock
  • 2x 1Gb Ethernet synchronous
  • 2x RTX FSP 1.0G
  • 1x ASI Serial Fast Link
  • 1x 10 MHz Low Noise output
  • 1x 1PPS TTL Output
  • 2x PSU (AC or DC)
  • 2x MP-Mezzanine BUS LVDS/TTL
  • 1x External Rubidium Reference

Z20MB is in use all over the world in a wide variety of applications. While the Z20MB is often used for rapid prototyping and research applications, it has been deployed in many real-world commercial and defense systems such as:

  • Commercial Applications
  • Defense and Homeland Security
  • Wireless Research
  • Teaching

For more details please download Z20MB Datasheet from the next tab.


  • Software for firmware update
  • upcoming release