V6HP family has a new born! V6HP-TX-IF has just been released! V6HP-TX-IF main applications: HFC data, telephony, and video modems Wireless base station transmissions Broadband communications transmissions Internet telephony for more info please download: V6HP-TX-IF datasheet.

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    The first 3 daughter-boards for V6HP have been released! V6HP-TX main applications: Digital high or low IF synthesis Transmit diversity Wideband communications: LMDS/MMDS, point-to-point Test equipment Wireless LANs, CATV equipment Clock generation Radio-link infrastructure Wireless infrastructure systems W-CDMA, CDMA2000,...

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  • Site Revamp!

    Mixed Processing old site

    We have recently update our site to an awesome new version! Below a short briefing about the site. About You can find information on our company, career opportunities and address. Solution This macro area is divided in 2 sub areas: LXI and cPCI. LXI » V6HP cPCI » S3CP Blog is the first instrument to

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